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#NREADS [Preloved] : Submitting To Allah

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Condition : Almost new 9/10

✅ All my preloved books memang akan ada underlined words/sentences/paragraphs OR/AND short notes OR/AND highlighted phrases OR/AND taggings but insyaAllah they are always still in very good condition to be read. Overall 8/10-10/10 range i would say.


Accepting fate and believing in Allah should be the only approach a Muslim should have. Knowing that Allah SWT is the only creator and has chosen the best for his people helps you keeping it together through every thick and thin.

There is always room for betterment. There are always shortcomings that need to be improved by you since perfection is only associated with the Allah Almighty. Being different does not mean you are wrong. You only chose the different path. (Credit :